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Donald Trump Supporting Boater Buzzes Through SpaceX Splashdown Zone, Prompting Outrage


Dragon Crew splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday after spending two months on the International Space Station. But before the two crew members aboard the capsule were confirmed to be successfully recovered, dozens of boats swarmed the splashdown zone, one with a large blue banner with “Trump” emblazoned across it. The crowd of seacraft prompted outrage among those who believe that the vehicles could have put the recovery efforts in jeopardy.
As reported, as the recovery team scrambled to recover NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, the scene in the area was chaotic. It wasn’t clear why private crafts were allowed to be in the zone, but as some noted on social media, they could have prevented rescue teams from doing their job.
On top of that, there is the possibility of toxic propellant reaching the public from the spacecraft’s thrusters, which are used to slow the craft as it nears the water.


Cuban dons full-body cardboard shield against coronavirus

Ever since the novel coronavirus reached Cuba, a tall cardboard box with arms and legs can be seen tottering around a Havana suburb, popping into the bakery or butchers, or browsing the newspaper stand.

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Balloon-like object in Japanese sky sets Twitter afire with talk of UFOs, Godzilla

The appearance of a mysterious white object in the sky over northern Japan on Wednesday set social media ablaze, with speculation ranging from UFOs to coronavirus and North Korean propaganda.


Thailand's roving dog groomer back in business

Volunteer pet groomer Kriengkai Thatwakorn is thrilled to be back helping out stray dogs in Thailand, some in urgent need of a shearing after waiting three sweltering months for a trim.

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Animal baby boom at Palestinian zoo after people disappear

Peacocks, ostriches and baboons joined in an animal baby boom at a Palestinian zoo during the coronavirus closure as they let nature take its course free from human distractions.

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Police remove emaciated lion from French circus

French police have taken away an emaciated lion from a circus in Vironvay, western France, following complaints from an animal rights organization.


Russian chefs in naked lockdown protest after virus strips them of income

Russian restaurant owners stripped of their income by the coronavirus lockdown are campaigning for their businesses to be allowed to reopen by posting pictures of themselves naked on social media.


Move over James Bond; India returns alleged bird spy to Pakistan

Indian police have released a pigeon belonging to a Pakistani fisherman after a probe found that the bird, which had flown across the contentious border between the nuclear-armed nations, was not a spy, two officials said on Friday.


Night at the museum: Australian police arrest German student over break-in

Australian police on Monday charged a German student with breaking into a Sydney museum as security footage showed him allegedly taking selfies next to dinosaur exhibits.


Clawing back normality: Bangkok cat cafe reopens after virus shutdown

As Thailand's capital cautiously reopens many restaurants shuttered over coronavirus fears, the feline "employees" of the Caturday Cafe are back at work.


Five-year-old stopped on U.S. highway wanted to buy Lamborghini, police say

A trooper stopping a car with a suspected "impaired driver" on a U.S. highway on Monday was bemused to find a 5-year-old in the driver's seat, the Utah Highway Patrol tweeted.

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Thailand's pet groomer reopens as new coronavirus cases slow

Chewy and Miley, both two-year-old Schnauzer dogs, are getting their hair cut at a groomer in Bangkok for the first time since the new coronavirus outbreak began in Thailand in January.


'Darth Vader' enforces lockdown in Philippine village

Dressed as "Star Wars" characters, local officials in the Philippines are out and about to enforce strict quarantine measures while also handing out relief packages.


Superheroes, from near and far, join Indonesia's coronavirus battle

Volunteers clad as Superman and Spider-Man sprayed disinfectant against the coronavirus on Indonesia's island of Java, flanking a colleague wearing the winged helmet of local superhero Gatotkaca who shouted, "Wear masks, wash hands and stay alert."

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President questions Tanzania coronavirus kits after goat test

Coronavirus test kits used in Tanzania were dismissed as faulty by President John Magufuli on Sunday, because he said they had returned positive results on samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw.

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Woman Falls To Her Death While Taking Selfie On Cliff’s Edge To Celebrate End Of Coronavirus Lockdown

A woman in Turkey plunged to her death while trying to take a selfie near the edge of a cliff to celebrate the end of the local lockdown, falling more than 100 feet to a watery death below.
The reported that 31-year-old Olesia Suspitsina of Kazakhstan traveled to Duden Park in the Turkish city of Anatyla to celebrate the end of the city’s shelter-in-place order. She and a friend reportedly climbed past a barrier keeping people away from the edge of the cliff so that they could take pictures with the park’s warterfalls in the background, but Olesia slipped on grass and fell 115 feet to the ground below.
The friend who witnessed Suspitsina’s fatal fall alerted local authorities, who were able to recover the woman’s body in the water below the cliff.

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Circus Performers With Nowhere To Go Have Been Stuck In A Texas Parking Lot For Weeks, With No End In Sight

A troupe of circus performers has been stuck in a parking lot for nearly two months, and their supplies of food and money are dwindling as the coronavirus pandemic continues with no end in sight, reports. Many of the performers are from countries that have instituted travel bans, meaning that the performers effectively have no homes go to to.
Cirque MonteCarlo had been touring through in early March, just as the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic was starting to be fully understood in the United States. By March 9, the group had made it as far as the town of Grand Prairie, before dwindling ticket sales and shelter-in-place orders forced them to shut down.
They’ve been in a nearby location, which they’ve declined to divulge due to privacy concerns, ever since.


Tupac Shakur Gets Apology From Kentucky Governor, Who Claimed His Unemployment Application Was A Prank

A man named Tupac Shakur has gotten a public apology from Governor Andy Beshear, who had accused him of filing his unemployment application under a fake name as a prank, reports.
The rapper Tupac Shakur was born in 1971 with the name Lesane Parish Crooks, but later changed it. He died in 1996, although conspiracy theories posit that his death was a cover-up and that he’s alive and well.
It so happens that a man shares a name with the late rapper. Kentucky’s Tupac was also born in the 1970s, and these days he prefers to go by his middle name, Malik. He had recently been laid off from his job as a cook, after the restaurant where he worked closed down in order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. And on his unemployment application, he of course applied using his legal name.


Do your bit for farmers and eat more fries, Belgians urged

With potato farmers and processors struggling, Belgians are being urged to eat more fries to offset a slump in demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Young Black Bear Pays Connecticut Firefighters A Visit & Refuses To Get Out Of Tree

A young black bear recently decided to visit a fire station in Danbury, Connecticut. The firefighters spotted the in a tree and came to its rescue on Monday, April 20. They later took to social media on Tuesday and shared photos and video footage of the stranded bear, later named “Dan Berry” by their local mayor.
The Danbury Fire Department started their week with the exciting, albeit find while doing their routine “morning station cleaning and equipment check” rounds. One of the local firemen spied the bear in the lot directly behind the New Street firehouse, per . Far from being relieved that he was being rescued, the bear wanted to stay put in the tree.




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