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Bitcoin climbs to six-week high as market sentiment improves

24.04.2018 16:12

Bitcoin rose to a six-week high on Tuesday on positive headlines that included the possible entry of major financial institutions into the space, lifting sentiment on the overall cryptocurrency market.

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Bitcoin Surpasses $9,400 As Bullish Sentiment Wins Out

24.04.2018 13:02

What fueled Bitcoin's recent gains?

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Prudent Or Folly? Brokers Are Shunning Bitcoin

24.04.2018 12:35

If you’re an investor and you’d like crypto advice from your financial advisor, you’re likely out of luck.

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Bitcoin Rally Eyes $10,000 Level

24.04.2018 12:31

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U.S. Fed Paper: Central Bank Cryptocurrencies Are Missing The Point

24.04.2018 11:24

Central banks around the world are either considering or already developing cryptocurrencies to try to meet demand brought about by the rise of Bitcoin. But are they really cryptocurrencies? This branch of the Fed doesn't think so.

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Wisconsin grapples with allowing bitcoin campaign donations

24.04.2018 11:10

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin ethics officials are considering making the state among the leaders in welcoming political contributions in bitcoins and other digital currencies that have increased in popularity in recent years. The federal government, Montana and Washington, D.C., already allow bitcoin campaign contributions. But most states have been slow to embrace cryptocurrencies because [...]


Ransomware infects Ukraine energy ministry website

24.04.2018 7:21

Hackers have taken Ukraine's energy ministry website offline, demanding a Bitcoin ransom to release encrypted files.


Swirling liquids work similarly to bitcoin

23.04.2018 19:10

The physics involved with stirring a liquid operate the same way as the mathematical functions that secure digital information. This parallel could help in developing even more secure ways of protecting digital information.

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Former Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange CEO Karpeles lands new job

23.04.2018 17:10

Currently on trial in Japan, Karpeles is now CTO for VPN service giant London Trust Media.


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