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Trial begins for man alleging Roundup weed killer caused his cancer

18.06.2018 20:20

California man is the first of hundreds of plaintiffs to see Monsanto in court.

From: abcnews.go.com

New York Moves Toward Legal Marijuana With Health Dept. Endorsement

18.06.2018 20:08

A broad turnaround on the issue by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo could pave the way for New York to join a roster of states that have already legalized the drug, including California and Colorado.

From: www.nytimes.com

'Slow earthquakes' on San Andreas Fault increase risk of large quakes

18.06.2018 19:11

A detailed study of the California fault has discovered a new kind of movement that isn't accounted for in earthquake forecasting.

From: www.sciencedaily.com

California lawmakers combine net neutrality bills

18.06.2018 17:57

Democrats in California officially link two separate net neutrality bills days ahead of an important vote in the state assembly.

From: www.cnet.com

Sen. Harris calls for DHS secretary to resign

18.06.2018 17:10

California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris on Monday called for the resignation of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as a result of immigration policy that has resulted in family separations at the US border.

Contra University Of California, Higher Ed Needs Less Federal Money

18.06.2018 15:43

The president of the University of California is afraid there might be cuts to federal student aid. But many universities, including that one, do not seem to be very good stewards of the money they get, and federal aid may well decrease their incentives to do better.

From: www.forbes.com

Tesla car fire examination to be observed by NTSB

18.06.2018 15:27

The National Transportation Safety Board is sending a technical specialist to observe Tesla's examination of a Model S that caught fire in California on Friday, the agency said in a statement Monday.

From: www.autonews.com

5 Great Coastal Hikes in Northern California

18.06.2018 13:32

In California, you can get up close with a salty hike on the beach, walk serrated bluffs to the rhythmic crashing of waves, climb summits to see a panorama from above, or combine a hike with a visit to a charming seaside town.

From: moon.com

Linea Residence G / Poon Design

18.06.2018 13:00

This production house sets a new standard for the speculative tract housing industry. To the home buying audience, Residence G offers a production home that equals the presence of custom luxury estates. And Residence G does so at a record low construction cost—one-fourth the cost per square foot of the high end residences seen throughout Southern California.

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What to see and do in Solvang

18.06.2018 12:55

Solvang, California was long an open secret Angelenos and San Franciscans kept in terms of a fun weekend getaway. A Danish immigrant enclave, for years, sleepy little Solvang was known as the “Pea Soup Capital of the World” thanks to a renowned local restaurant. Best things to see and do in […]

From: travelphotodiscovery.com

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