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A white woman called police on black people barbecuing. This is how the community responded

17.10.2018 16:07

Hundreds danced to hip-hop and '80s soul music Sunday and listened to local African-American candidates make their pitches. But this cookout in Oakland, California, wasn't just any spring festival.

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US students bake biscuits with human ashes

17.10.2018 16:07

Police in northern California say they are investigating a report that a high school student mixed her cremated grandfather's ashes into homemade biscuits and shared them with several classmates.

From: www.news.com.au

Trump threatens funds unless California prevents more wildfires

17.10.2018 15:08

President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to withhold billions of dollars of federal funding if California does not clean up its forests to reduce the risk of wildfires, a year after some of the worst blazes in the state’s history.

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Scientists Find New Biomarker Evidence for Neoproterozoic Animals

17.10.2018 14:33

A team of scientists led by University of California, Riverside’s Professor Gordon Love has found the oldest evidence yet of animal life, dating back 100 million years before the famous Cambrian explosion. Rather than searching for conventional body fossils, Professor Love and colleagues have been tracking molecular signs (biomarkers) of animal life as far back [...]

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How Kamala Harris’ team thinks she can win the 2020 nomination

17.10.2018 14:11

The California senator hasn’t announced she’s running yet, but a potential path to the Democratic nomination is taking shape.

From: www.politico.com

Trump threatens funds for California over forest fires

17.10.2018 12:31

President Donald Trump sounded a tough note on California's land and fire management on Wednesday, one year after some of the worst blazes the state has ever seen, threatening to stop billions of dollars of federal funding if California does not clean up its forests to reduce the risk of fire.

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California bus crash injured 40, moment of impact seen in dashcam video

17.10.2018 9:39

Newly released dashcam video shows the terrifying moment Sunday a bus lost control on a freeway in Southern California, careening out of control, smashing into a center divider and injuring dozens of people.

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Roofless House by Craig Steely

17.10.2018 9:00

A cleverly designed structure in California edits out much of a surrounding hodgepodge, welcoming in sun and sky.

From: www.architecturalrecord.com

Scientists Catch Rare Glimpses of the Endangered Vaquita

17.10.2018 8:51

An expedition in the Gulf of California yielded photographs and video of a species nearing extinction.

From: www.nytimes.com

California student 'baked grandma's ashes into cookies'

17.10.2018 8:12

A student handed the sugar cookies to unaware students at her California high school.

From: www.bbc.co.uk

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