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Barista nets $100,000 in tips after abuse by San Diego "Karen"

03.07.2020 13:41

California woman's attempt to publicly shame worker for enforcing public health rule backfires in a big way.

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Universities Reverse Campus Reopening Plans Amidst Covid-19 Spike

03.07.2020 13:21

A number of universities, including the University of Southern California, have reversed earlier plans to reopen their campuses and now plan to resume online classes. The recent spike of Covid-19 infection across the country has raised concern about student and faculty safety.

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Gov. Newsom Orders 19 California Counties To Partially Shut Down

03.07.2020 10:17

After slowly reopening in recent weeks, large parts of California are shutting down again after jumps in COVID-19 numbers. Restaurants and bars are taking a big hit.

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Doctor shares how to stay safe this July 4 holiday weekend

03.07.2020 9:44

Nearly half of U.S. states have paused reopening plans as coronavirus cases are soaring in many cities. Ahead of the July 4 weekend, governors in California, Arizona and Texas have closed bars. Dr. Jon LaPook explains whether these actions will prevent a spike in cases. He also explains the safety precautions people should take this weekend.

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July 4th weekend forecast calls for heat, severe weather

03.07.2020 9:40

From California to New Jersey, heat will be the story for the holiday weekend forecast.

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Florida hits 10,000 new coronavirus cases going into July 4 holiday

03.07.2020 8:06

Florida broke another record with 10,000 new coronavirus cases reported in a single day. In Texas and California, governors are adding new restrictions ahead of the July 4 holiday in an effort to slow the spread. David Begnaud reports.

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States Are Forced To Face Surge In New Coronavirus Cases

03.07.2020 7:25

NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to Richard Montgomery, a mayor in California, Dr. Ali Khan of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Chicago epidemiologist Dr. Emily Landon about the rise in cases.

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California man expresses regret over attending party in post day before he died of coronavirus

03.07.2020 6:01

A Southern California man reportedly expressed his regret late last month over attending a party where he likely contracted the coronavirus in a Facebook post just one day before he died.

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California man dies of coronavirus a day after posting regret about attending family party

03.07.2020 5:19

A man died of coronavirus a day after he publicly shared his regret about putting his "family's health in jeopardy" by attending a party in California.

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News Brief: Reopening Consequences, Charges Related To Epstein Case

03.07.2020 5:00

Texas requires masks in counties with more than 20 COVID-19 cases. California orders 19 counties to shut down. And, a British socialite is charged in connection with the Jeffrey Epstein abuse case.

From: www.npr.org

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