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Celeste: A Magically Grueling Roller Coaster of Emotion and Fun | GameLuster

23.02.2018 9:12

While a physical task like climbing an actual mountain can never be compared to a video game, Celeste may be the closest the medium ever comes to replicating the experience. Blending together tight controls, inventive environments, and a surprisingly touching tale of battling anxiety and depression, Celeste is a sky-high success.

From: n4g.com

The Cautious Hope for a Drug to Treat Postpartum Depression

22.02.2018 17:16

If and when this hits the market, it’ll be the first of its kind.

From: www.thecut.com

Suicide Guy (PS4) - Review | SquareXO

22.02.2018 16:11

Rob Pitt writes: Going off the title and marketing image, you would be forgiven if you believe that Suicide guy, from Chubby Pixel, was a game about being unable to cope and looking for a way to end it. However, thats only partially true as the game has nothing to do with depression or feelings its a story of a simple man trying to wake up and save his beer. Are you interested yet? What if I was to say that in order to save your beer you must find fiendishly clever ways to kill yourself from dreams within you dream as thats the only way to force your body to wake up. Deaths which are the outcome of solving 26 puzzles including well-known environments such as Portal and Super Marios world. Believe me, it about as crazy as it sounds but not without flaws. So, come with me as I try and explain just how good this game actually is!

From: n4g.com

Self-compassion may protect people from the harmful effects of perfectionism

22.02.2018 15:21

Relating to oneself in a healthy way can help weaken the association between perfectionism and depression.

From: www.sciencedaily.com

On anti-depressants

22.02.2018 14:09

People with a history of depression tell the BBC about their experiences of taking anti-depressants

From: www.bbc.co.uk

Almost every antidepressant headline you’ll read today is wrong

22.02.2018 8:01

A review of the evidence on antidepressants has been hailed as the final word on these drugs, but questions remain for people with less severe depression

From: www.newscientist.com

'Anti-depressants help me function'

22.02.2018 7:10

Scientists say more people could benefit from taking pills to reduce the symptoms of acute depression.

From: www.bbc.co.uk

Millennials are selling their possessions in 'depressing' struggle to buy first homes, new study shows

22.02.2018 6:14

Almost a fifth of first-time buyers have sold possessions such as clothes and gadgets during their "downright depressing" struggle to raise funds for a deposit, according to research.

From: www.standard.co.uk

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