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U.S. executes Lisa Montgomery, first woman put to death in federal system since 1953

13.01.2021 2:19

Montgomery was convicted of strangling a Missouri woman in 2004 and taking her unborn baby. Her lawyers argue that she had severe mental illness.

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Lisa Montgomery becomes first woman executed by feds in 67 years

13.01.2021 2:10

Lisa Montgomery, who has a history of brain damage and being beaten, raped and trafficked, was put to death.

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Lisa Montgomery: US executes first female federal death row inmate in almost 70 years

13.01.2021 2:06

The first woman has been executed by the government in almost 70 years.

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Republican impeachment support grows as House urges Pence to remove Trump from office

12.01.2021 23:37

The vice president rebuffed calls for him to invoke the 25th Amendment, setting up a Wednesday impeachment vote.

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Coronavirus updates: LA County asking some to mask up at home; feds expand vaccine eligibility to speed up rollout

12.01.2021 21:57

Hundreds of maskless Alabama fans celebrated their victory Monday. Feds want states to speed up vaccine rollout. Latest COVID news.

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Lisa Montgomery's federal execution delayed amid back-and-forth legal challenges, Supreme Court ruling

12.01.2021 21:36

A judge has granted a stay in the execution of Lisa Montgomery, who had faced death Tuesday at the Federal Correctional Complex in Indiana.

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Ex-Washington National Guardsman among first indicted in attack on U.S. Capitol

12.01.2021 20:26

A federal grand jury has indicted a former member of the Washington National Guard on felony charges alleging he broke into the U.S. Capitol building with the insurrectionist mob last week and repeatedly punched a federal police officer.

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Alabama man with 'particularly lethal' Molotov cocktails at US Capitol riot left alarming notes in truck, records show

12.01.2021 20:07

Alabama man Lonnie Coffman, 70, faces 17 federal charges related to the Molotov cocktails and guns found in his truck near the U.S. Capitol riot.

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An Alabama man with homemade explosives. A Maryland man with a handgun. They're among at least 60 people arrested after US Capitol riot.

12.01.2021 19:54

More than 70 people have already been charged and authorities have opened more than 170 cases against suspects, federal officials said Tuesday.

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Supreme Court Upholds Restriction On Medical Abortions

12.01.2021 19:18

The Supreme Court has just voted 6-3 to reinstate a federal rule that forces women to pick up abortion-inducing medication in person from a hospital or their doctor.

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