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How F1 Future-Proofed Its Audience

03.07.2020 14:13

F1 has transformed the way it interacts with its fans over the past three years. It is now paying off.

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Pepsi Joins FedEx In Pressuring Washington Redskins To Change Name

03.07.2020 13:55

Team owner Dan Snyder has dismissed previous calls to change the team’s name.

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FedEx joins push to rename Washington Redskins team

03.07.2020 13:00

FedEx is joining the push to rename the Washington Redskins football team, along with other investors who oppose the name's racist origins. The shipping giant, for which the team's FedEx Field is named, is its highest-profile sponsor. Other companies such as Nike are also being urged to sever ties with the team, and on Thursday night no official Washington Redskins gear could be found on Nike's online store. The team announced on Friday that the name is now under review.

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Haven't received your stimulus check yet? Let's track it down video

03.07.2020 13:00

The federal government is currently considering issuing a second round of stimulus checks to the American people due to the hardship the coronavirus has brought to the economy. But many taxpayers are still waiting to receive their payments from the first round. Here are some online tools for tracking down your stimulus payment.

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Redskins agree review of team's name

03.07.2020 12:22

The review comes after FedEx told the Washington DC-based American football team to rename itself.

From: www.bbc.co.uk

A sugary diet changes gut bacteria and worsens brain function in rats

03.07.2020 9:48

Rats fed a sugar syrup early in life develop an unusual gut microbiome that seems to worsen the rodents’ memories by changing the way their brains work

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From: www.newscientist.com

Does Groupon Have Upside Once Pandemic Subsides?

03.07.2020 9:30

After a 50% rally off the March bottom, we believe Groupon’s stock seems to still have room to grow based on its valuation. Groupon’s stock has rallied from $12 to $19 off the recent bottom compared to the S&P which moved 35%. The primary reason for the high recovery was the Fed’s multi-billion...

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Eviction relief ends in July: Rent freeze, laws and what to do

03.07.2020 9:15

Find out what could happen and what to do if you're still behind on your rent when federal eviction protection ends July 25.

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