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How to tell if that 'amazing' tech product on Facebook is really a good deal

08.08.2018 16:42

You've seen the ads, many of which are quite compelling -- but here's what you don't know about some of these "magical" gadgets.

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Democrats want Facebook to tell them who has seen disinformation

08.08.2018 15:20

The Democratic party's top technologist wants Facebook to identify American audiences who see Russian propaganda and disinformation about political candidates.


Jack Dorsey Explains Why Twitter Didn't Block Alex Jones, Bucking Big Tech Trend

08.08.2018 12:29

YouTube, Apple and Facebook banned outlets for the conspiracy theorist this week in what Jones called a "purge." Twitter's CEO said the company wouldn't "succumb and simply react to outside pressure."


Deepfakes are coming. Is Big Tech ready?

08.08.2018 10:57

Mark Zuckerberg insisted at Facebook's annual developer conference earlier this year that his company "will never be unprepared ... again" for meddling and disinformation efforts like those run by Russian trolls on its platform during the run-up to the 2016 election. Yet the social media behemoth and its competitors may still be ill-equipped for their next great challenge: Fake videos that look so real you'd believe former President Obama really did call President Trump a "dipsh*t."

Facebook adds quirky Messenger games to video chats

08.08.2018 9:00

Facebook's latest additions to Messenger will have you dodging asteroids and trying to keep a straight face.


Facebook's Messenger Games are about to make video chat super competitive

08.08.2018 9:00

If you thought your six-person video chat was hectic, try adding flying asteroids...


Facebook apologises after balloons and confetti appear on Lombok earthquake posts

08.08.2018 7:24

Facebook has apologised after posts about a deadly earthquake in Indonesia were automatically adorned by images of balloons and confetti.

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Lombok quake: Facebook 'regrets' earthquake balloons

08.08.2018 6:18

The social network played a festive animation to Indonesian speakers posting about a tragedy.


Political dispute went from Facebook to firearms when suspect showed up with Glock, AR-15, police say

08.08.2018 5:00

A dispute over politics on Facebook went from virtual to physical this week when one man shot another in the thigh and buttocks, officials said.


Infowars and Alex Jones test limits of free speech on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Apple

07.08.2018 23:02

FAQ: The conspiracy theorist extraordinaire becomes the center of a debate about free speech and the internet. Here's what you need to know.


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