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Cousin Sal likes the Cowboys & Seahawks to go over their total | FOX BET LIVE

23.09.2020 19:19

Cousin Sal weighs in on Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks match up and explains why he thinks it'll be a high scoring game.

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From: www.foxsports.com

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Become an Indie Developer

23.09.2020 14:36

With tools like free game engines and online tutorials, there has never been a better time for passionate gamers to start developing games.

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From: n4g.com

Hades Has Snatched My Soul & I'm OK With It

23.09.2020 14:36

Greysun writes: Supergiant Games has finally released Hades on the Switch and it might be one of the best roguelikes that I have ever played.

From: n4g.com

Pumpkin Jack is a Solo Developer's Nightmare Come to Life | COGconnected

23.09.2020 14:36

COG writes: Pumpkin Jack is one solo developer's foray into a genre of games that were at its peak a few console generations ago, breathing fresh air into the formula.

From: n4g.com

LeBron James Denounces Violence Against Cops, Never Called For Revenge Attacks

23.09.2020 14:24

LeBron James is adamant he condemns ALL FORMS of violence ... including violent acts of revenge against police officers. Following the Lakers game 3 playoff loss to the Denver Nuggets, Bron was asked whether he believes the spotlight he's put on...

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From: www.tmz.com

Xbox Series X launch titles: Every new game you can play on Nov. 10

23.09.2020 13:32

More games than the PlayStation 5, but fewer exclusives.

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From: www.cnet.com

Samsung debuts next-generation SSDs, doubling performance of previous-gen

23.09.2020 12:01

Samsung's new solid state drive is meant to appeal to professionals, prosumers and, of course, gamers.

From: www.cnet.com

The Time to Watch Molly’s Game Is All the Time

23.09.2020 11:06

It’s a story of greed, excess, hubris, and bandage dresses; it’s a story about Hollywood.

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Belarus's neighbours open doors to tech talent

23.09.2020 10:26

With Belarus in upheaval, its neighbours are eyeing its tech sector in the hope of attracting the talent behind global successes such as calling app Viber and the game World of Tanks.

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From: news.yahoo.com

Review: Minecraft VR - PSVR | Pure PlayStation

23.09.2020 10:25

PP: Minecraft VR is an exceptional conversion of the game from flatscreen to the virtual open world. Nothing has been lost in the process, but the gains are immeasurable. Its a cheap and cheerful freebie if you already own Minecraft, so theres no reason not to pop in and have a look.

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From: n4g.com

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