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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker's Super Mario Odyssey levels are a perfect fit

19.09.2018 4:11

More Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is always a good thing. These puzzles, inspired by the challenges in Super Mario 3D World, give us a look at a cube filled with activity and make us consider what is happening in its depths, while also discerning the best possible paths for Captain Toad to follow. The Wii U game was a delight, but the Super Mario Odyssey levels in the 3DS and Switch ports of the game show an additional sense of refinement, understanding and playfulness. They remain something to be savored.

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Victor Vran: Overkill Edition Review | Scholarly Gamers

19.09.2018 4:11

Scholarly Gamers Michael Jones writes: [Victor Vran is] an action RPG with plenty of content to fight your way through [and] is a great addition to the ever expanding genre.

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Y'shtola and Yojimbo confirmed for World of Final Fantasy Maxima

19.09.2018 4:11

Last weeks Nintendo Direct announced several Final Fantasy games but one of the more imminent releases is World of Final Fantasy Maxima, set for its Switch debut on November 6th. The official Square Enix store has updated with the game and it includes a few new screenshots. First up theres confirmation that Yojimbo from Final Fantasy X will appear as a capturable monster, alongside his faithful hound Daigoro. Then theres another new champion joining newcomers Zack, Serah, Noctis, and Firion Yshtola, who is dressed up in her Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward garb.

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Heres the first set of NES Games with a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription

19.09.2018 4:11

Nintendo Switch Online is live and so are its benefits such as 20 amazing Nintendo Entertainment System classics for you to enjoy.

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Torna: The Golden Country Review Stepping Backwards | Game Informer

19.09.2018 4:11

This standalone expansion is satisfying addition for fans who have already built up a tolerance for the sometimes-baffling quirks of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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Man, 45, threatened to shoot 11-year-old after losing Xbox game: police

19.09.2018 3:45

A Long Island man, 45, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly threatening to shoot a boy, 11, after losing to him in an online video game, New York’s FOX 5 reported.

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Sony PlayStation Classic Console preorders for $100 + free shipping

19.09.2018 3:17

Best Buy is offering preorders of the Sony PlayStation Classic Console for $99.99 with free shipping. It's the only major retailer currently offering this newly-announced console. It will include 20 bundled games, two controllers, and a HDMI cable.
It's due for release on December 3.

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Hover Review - The Gamers Lounge

19.09.2018 0:11

Hover is a futuristic cyberpunk neon-infused trip reminiscent of Jet Grind Radio, where you speed around the city, tagging graffiti, helping the citizens, and finding the best way to overthrow an oppressive government. While the core gameplay is amazingly fun, the story and missions can be bland and the interface seems as if it wasnt optimized off of the PC for home console users.

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M.L.B. Playoff Races: Cardinals Pull a Game Closer to the Brewers

18.09.2018 23:25

The N.L. West remains baseball’s closest race, but there is plenty of action in the N.L. Central, where the Cardinals are making a late run on the top wild-card spot.

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