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Study illuminates genes behind beautiful 'glow' of Bermuda fireworms

08.08.2018 15:34

A new study looks at the genes behind an incredible, luminous seasonal mating display produced by swarms of bioluminescent marine Bermuda fireworms. The new research confirms that the enzymes responsible for the fireworms' glow are unique among bioluminescent animals and entirely unlike those seen in fireflies. The study also examines genes associated with some of the dramatic -- and reversible -- changes that happen to the fireworms during reproduction.


40 films (and a tech company) you didn't know won Oscars

08.08.2018 15:33

Whether they're genre pieces, a bit lightweight or just stinkers, these movies all have one thing in common: an Academy Award.


Movies you probably didn't know won Academy Awards

08.08.2018 15:18

With the Oscars planning a new category, we salute the genre flicks, effects extravaganzas and other movies you wouldn't expect to have scooped up an award.


A ‘Generationally Perpetuated’ Pattern: Daughters Do More Chores

08.08.2018 11:47

They also earn less allowance, suggesting that the gender inequality in pay begins at home, and early in life. But there are signs the gap is narrowing.

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Researchers Sequence Red Fox Genome

08.08.2018 7:35

An international team of scientists has successfully sequenced the genome of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes). The domestic dog and the red fox are closely related species that only diverged about 10 million years ago within the family Canidae. However, these two species occupy very different ecological niches. The red fox has a geographic range [...]


New genre of artificial intelligence programs take computer hacking to another level

08.08.2018 7:25

The nightmare scenario for computer security - artificial intelligence programs that can learn how to evade even the best defenses - may already have arrived.

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Discovery of a new tumor suppressor previously thought to be an oncogene

08.08.2018 6:22

A gene that has for decades been considered a tumor promoter, the PLK1 gene, can also perform the exact opposite function: halting the development of cancer. The role of PLK1 as a target for powerful drugs must now be reviewed. For the time being, the scientists have discovered that the expression of PLK1 in breast tumors can determine a different prognosis, depending on the tumor sub-type.


Triple-negative: Genes associated with risk for aggressive breast cancer

08.08.2018 6:22

A new study has identified specific genes associated with increased risk for triple-negative breast cancer, providing the basis for better risk management.


Predicting genomic instability that can lead to disease

08.08.2018 5:39

They are the most common repeated elements in the human genome; more than a million copies are scattered among and between our genes. Called Alu elements, these relatively short, non-coding sequences of DNA cause genomic structural variation. Now scientists have developed a novel computational tool that predicts genomic instability that can lead to disease.


Lady Gaga apologizes for tweets about death of Montreal’s Zombie Boy

07.08.2018 15:07

Lady Gaga remembers Rick Genest as an incredible artist and says 'his art will live on.'


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