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Why Idlib matters and the obstacles Assad faces there

19.09.2018 3:14

The Syrian conflict has turned toward the northwestern Idlib region, where government preparations for a Russian-backed offensive have sparked a concerted Turkish diplomatic bid to prevent an attack. A major assault in Idlib, home to some three million people, could be more deadly and destructive than any other in a war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people since 2011. The U.N. is warning of a humanitarian catastrophe.


Blog: Why data journalism matters when official statistics aren’t available

19.09.2018 3:02

For journalists, having data to back up your conclusions is important — especially in countries where the government will often deny or attack a story’s credibility.


[Ticker] Germany fires spy chief over far-right sympathies

19.09.2018 2:54

Germany's government has fired its domestic spy chief, Hans-Georg Maassen, after he claimed chancellor Angela Merkel's views on recent anti-migrant riots in Chemnitz may have been based on a fake video clip and amid allegations of improper ties to the far-right AfD party. Maassen will become an official in the interior ministry instead, enjoying a higher pay grade than he does now, despite his defenestration.


Hillary Clinton: Trump 'left unchecked' in midterms could do lasting damage

19.09.2018 0:45

Washington (CNN)Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that if there isn't a "very big rejection" of President Donald Trump's "authoritarian tendencies" in the midterm elections, she's worried about what an unchecked Trump could do to the government. Clinton told Rachel Maddow on MSNBC's...

World Economic Forum Takes On China Tech Regulation

19.09.2018 0:21

As China’s technology industry and government tangle over regulation, the World Economic Forum—best known for its annual Davos meeting—is stepping into the fray, opening a “Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution” in Beijing.


Hover Review - The Gamers Lounge

19.09.2018 0:11

Hover is a futuristic cyberpunk neon-infused trip reminiscent of Jet Grind Radio, where you speed around the city, tagging graffiti, helping the citizens, and finding the best way to overthrow an oppressive government. While the core gameplay is amazingly fun, the story and missions can be bland and the interface seems as if it wasnt optimized off of the PC for home console users.


China Retaliates With Tariffs on $60 Billion of U.S. Goods

19.09.2018 0:09

The Chinese government said Tuesday it plans to impose new tariffs on $60 billion in U.S. exports, prompting President Trump to reiterate a threat to punch back by hitting Chinese goods worth more than four times that much.


German spymaster ousted after far-right attacks row, but promoted

18.09.2018 20:10

Government removes domestic spy chief after comments on far-right violence, but transfers him to a more senior role.


Syria govt, opposition welcome Idlib deal

18.09.2018 18:56

Both Syria's government and its opposition have welcomed the Turkey-Russia deal declaring a de-militarised zone around the major rebel stronghold Idlib, saying the agreement stemmed more bloodshed.


Confusion in India over who Jason Kenney is speaking for: Alberta trade minister

18.09.2018 18:14

The Alberta government says it will be doing ``damage control'' after Opposition leader Jason Kenney's visit to India.


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