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Iceland's Reykjavik tops index for green city getaways

24.04.2018 10:25

Iceland's small, snowy capital, Reykjavik, has been crowned the greenest city for travellers, with the most green space per head of 50 cities surveyed, a travel agency said on Tuesday (April 24).

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Grow an endless supply of green onions in nothing but water

24.04.2018 10:07

No garden needed.

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Robots greet customers at world's first personless bank branch where humanoids manage EVERYTHING

24.04.2018 7:21

The branch is run purely by technology - with virtual reality, artificial intelligence and facial recognition all playing a part


HL-1 House / [H] arquitectos

24.04.2018 7:00

The proposal comes from the client's requirement to generate a visual insight throughout the house by way of an indoor patio, ensuring that its function is not only decorative but also practical. The solution was to create an entrance to the residence through this patio, which helped us not only to provide these natural views, light and ventilation to the area but also to create a pathway from the street that allows you to discover a green and silent atmosphere. The welcoming feeling that the patio produces lengthens the entrance, where the patio becomes a passageway to the house and not just the face to the street.


PS4 Mecha Controller for Border Break Achieves Target Orders and Will Be Released

24.04.2018 5:11

Hori's controller for PS4 dedicated to the upcoming mecha game needed over 3,000 orders to be greenlit, and it passed them in just a few days.

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Toronto Police: 10 Killed, 15 Others Injured In Van Attack

24.04.2018 5:01

David Greene talks to Christine Birak, of the CBC, about the man who allegedly killed 10 people on a Toronto sidewalk Monday after plowing a rented van into pedestrians along a 1-mile stretch.


Niabi Zoo in Illinois greets new animals

24.04.2018 4:30

New animals will greet guests at Niabi Zoo in Coal Valley, Illinois this season. Among many new species this season, the zoo introduces the Pallas Cat and Yellow-backed Duiker


[Ticker] Far-right attack migrants on Greek island

24.04.2018 3:26

Far-right extremists on Monday attacked Afghan asylum seekers staging a protest on Lesbos island over poor reception conditions. Members of the far-right Patriotic Movement attacked the some 200 protestors, injuring around ten people. Police later dispersed the crowds.


EU at war? Tensions rise as Brussels plans to shift BILLIONS from Eastern Europe to Spain

24.04.2018 2:08

WARSAW and Budapest are expected to lose out on MASSIVE amounts of cash as Brussels proposes to move tens of billions of euros in EU funding away from central and Eastern Europe to the countries worse hit by the financial crisis, such as Spain and Greece.


Voices: My Life-Threatening Bout With E. Coli Food Poisoning

24.04.2018 1:09

Before my illness, I was a healthy 22-year-old. But, my doctors speculated, I must have eaten some leafy greens contaminated by E. coli bacteria.


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