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Hamilton Is Now Streaming on Disney+ to Kick Off July 4th Weekend

03.07.2020 14:06

Lin-Manuel Miranda's acclaimed musical Hamilton is officially streaming on Disney+ for subscribers.

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Iran says identifies cause of nuclear 'accident'

03.07.2020 12:38

Iran's top security body said Friday it had determined the cause of an "accident" at a nuclear site but declined to release details, citing security reasons. "Investigations by relevant bodies have accurately determined the cause of the accident at... Natanz nuclear complex," said a spokesman for Iran's Supreme National Security Council, referring to one of the country's main uranium enrichment plants. "Due to certain security concerns the cause and details of this accident will be announced at the proper time," state news agency IRNA quoted Keyvan Khosravi as saying.

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Iran-US: Tehran taunts Donald Trump for latest defeat as UN arms embargo set to end

03.07.2020 10:45

DONALD TRUMP has been dealt a critical blow in his battle with Iran after the UN embargo on arms to the Islamic Republic was not extended this week.

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Iran Nuclear Facility Explosion: Accident, Sabotage, Or Cyber-Attack?

03.07.2020 10:27

A huge explosion has taken place at an Iranian nuclear enrichment facility, possibly damaging some of the country’s most advanced centrifuges. Was it an accident, sabotage, or cyber-attack?

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POLL: As China, North Korea, Russia and Iran tensions grow, who is biggest threat to West?

03.07.2020 10:24

TENSIONS have been flaring between the West and China, North Korea, Russia and Iran - but who do you think poses the biggest threat?

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Iran will not disclose cause of mysterious nuclear site fire

03.07.2020 6:21

An online video and messages purportedly claiming responsibility for a fire that analysts say damaged a centrifuge assembly plant at Iran's underground Natanz nuclear site deepened the mystery Friday around the incident — even as Tehran insisted it knew the cause but would not make it public due to “security reasons.” The multiple, different claims by a self-described group called the “Cheetahs of the Homeland” included language used by several exiled Iranian opposition organizations. The disparate messages, as well as the fact that Iran experts have never heard of the group before, raised questions about whether Natanz again had faced sabotage by a foreign nation as it had during the Stuxnet computer virus outbreak believed to have been engineered by the U.S. and Israel.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Hamilton’ Can Help You Build The Top Soft Skill Employers Are Looking For Today

03.07.2020 4:30

3 strategies to unleash your best creative ideas.

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[Ticker] France shamed on refugees by European court

03.07.2020 1:07

France has been ordered to pay symbolic fines of €10,000 to €12,400 to three refugees who lived on the streets for several months by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The Afghan, Iranian, and Russian people were "victims of a degrading treatment reflecting a lack of respect for their dignity", the court said. The Iranian journalist was homeless for six months. The Afghan was homeless for 262 days.

From: euobserver.com

Hamilton on Disney Plus gets you 'best seat in the house,' Lin-Manuel Miranda says

02.07.2020 22:50

The composer and actor joins the rest of the original Hamilton cast on Zoom to talk about what it means that their Broadway hit is will be available for streaming.

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