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Anthem Review: A Looter Shooter Without A Soul [Screen Rant]

23.02.2019 16:12

Anthem has a few good ideas, but it struggles under the weight of its own gameplay mechanics and some truly baffling design decisions.

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Venezuelan soldiers defect as troops fire tear gas at protesters on Colombia border

23.02.2019 15:25

Venezuela's socialist government was facing its biggest rebellion in almost 20 years on Saturday as military officers began to defect in numbers and the opposition leader claimed to have succeeded in bringing in supplies of aid. More than a dozen Venezuelan soldiers appeared to turn their backs on president Nicolas Maduro and defected to Colombia while food and medicine was said to have been delivered through Brazil, where the border had supposedly been shut. Ugly scenes erupted on the bridges from Colombia into Venezuela, as riot police unleashed volleys of tear gas into the middle of one border crossing, the Simon Bolivar bridge. The main convoy of supplies is currently heading to a flash point border crossing near Cucuta, Colombia where volunteers are waiting to carry packages over the crossing in a human chain.  Juan Guido, the self-declared interim president, is due to join the efforts, telling Venezuelan soldiers blocking the aid: "Our call to the armed forces couldn't be clearer: put yourself on the right side of history."  Soldiers unleash tear gas during trouble at Venezuela border, in pictures Riot police loyal to Mr Maduro have already attempted to repel the aid deliveries, speeding through the Venezuelan city of Urena on motorbikes and firing tear gas at those attempting to help bring aid over the border. Buses were burnt and rocks thrown by masked protesters, who many suspected were pro-Maduro thugs known as “collectivos”, infiltrating Mr Guaido’s band of volunteers to cause trouble. Gonzalez Pons, a Spanish MEP who was expelled from Venezuela last week, told The Telegraph he was there to observe, saying "Maduro needs to know the world is watching." Self-declared acting president Juan Guaido has vowed humanitarian aid would enter Venezuela despite a blockade Credit: AFP Sitting holding a white rose, waiting for his orders to assist the aid delivery, Alenis Guerrero, mayor of the town of Santa Rita explained that his town had been without running water for one year five months. “We are here to take back our democracy,” he said. “We’re here to reclaim our country.”   “People are trying to dig wells. Children are drinking from the beach – but the run-offs there are filthy and polluted, so they are getting sick. Our hospitals have no syringes. No syringes! We don’t have medicines for diabetes and blood pressure.” Vídeo of the moment the fourth member of the Venezuelan national guard - a sergeant - defected this morning. Three defected on the Simon Bolivar bridge; this man was on the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge. Listen to the applause... https://t.co/PDSNDyNQbw— Harriet Alexander (@h_alexander) February 23, 2019 How we got here President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the Venezuelan military to close the border with Colombia to bar humanitarian aid, which is being supported by the opposition, from entering the country. Juan Guaido, recognised by most Western nations as the country's legitimate head of state, invoked articles of the constitution in January to assume interim presidency and denounced Mr Maduro as a usurper, arguing his 2018 re-election was illegitimate. The opposition leader, who has declared himself interim president, is attempting to cross into Venezuela from the Colombian border with thousands of volunteers carrying emergency supplies. While the need for basic food and medicines is real, the effort is also meant to embarrass military officers who continue to support Mr Maduro's increasingly isolated government. Mr Maduro blames the country's dire situation on US sanctions that have blocked the country from obtaining financing and have hobbled the OPEC nation's oil industry.  Venezuela | Read more What happens next? Venezuela's military has served as the traditional arbiter of political disputes in the South American country and in recent weeks top leaders have pledged their unwavering loyalty to Mr Maduro. However, many believe that lower-ranking troops who suffer from the same hardships as many other Venezuelans may be clined to now let the aid enter. Otro guardia que se entrega esta vez en el puente de ureña 23FebVenezuelaVenezuelaLibrepic.twitter.com/XTUDJVdYLB— Luis Álvarez (@alvarezluis1999) February 23, 2019 Mr Maduro, who has support from China, Russia and the military high command, accuses the United States of plotting a military intervention. Moscow has blasted Washington for using aid as a "convenient pretext for conducting military action." However, Mr Guaido’s supporters have been buoyed by news of aid convoys getting through in Brazil, and by multiple defections by Mr Maduro’s forces. At least one member of the feared FAES squadron and seven members of the national guard, based on the Colombian border, switched sides to pledge allegiance to Mr Guaido – three of them, on the Simon Bolivar bridge, driving their armoured vehicles across to shove blockades out of the way. Two women walked across Simon Bolivar bridge to defect. Blocked by national guard, what was meant to be a peaceful protest in Venezuela is turning increasingly violent. Masked protesters hijacked a government bus and set it a blaze trying to break the soldiers’ barricade. pic.twitter.com/i17ws0QEdD— Andy Rosati (@andrewrosati) February 23, 2019 One handed himself over at the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge, and another downed his arms and scrambled across the river to present himself to Mr Guaido at the Tienditas bridge. In the capital, Caracas, Mr Guaido’s supporters are marching on the military bases with the aim of convincing the troops to lay down their arms and join them. Mr Maduro staged a rival rally, railing against the “imperialists” seeking to oust him. Mr Maduro also broke off diplomatic relations with Colombia on Saturday and said he would expel the ambassador. "Patience is exhausted, I can't bare it anymore, we can't keep putting up with Colombian territory being used for attacks against Venezuela. For that reason, I have decided to break all political and diplomatic relations with Colombia's fascist government," Mr Maduro said in a speech. 8:23PM Aid trucks set alight Venezuelans are rushing to rescue boxes of emergency food and medicine from burning trucks stalled on a bridge to Colombia. A large black cloud hung over the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge as protesters passed the boxes by hand and removed them from the blazing vehicles. Opposition supporters unload humanitarian aid from a truck that was sent on fire after clashes with Venezuela's security forces at Francisco de Paula Santander bridge Fernando Flores, an eyewitness who described himself as a lawmaker from Ecuador, said national guardsmen acting under orders from Nicolas Maduro had torched the trucks once they crossed into Venezuelan territory. Mr Maduro has vowed to block any aid shipments, considering them a "Trojan horse" intended to pave the way for foreign military intervention. 7:25PM Maduro: Venezuela breaking diplomatic relations with Colombia over aid President Nicolas Maduro said on Saturday his government had broken relations with Colombia and would expel some Colombian diplomatic staff after Colombia assisted the opposition's efforts to bring humanitarian aid into the country. "Patience is exhausted, I can't bare it anymore, we can't keep putting up with Colombian territory being used for attacks against Venezuela. For that reason, I have decided to break all political and diplomatic relations with Colombia's fascist government," Mr Maduro said in a speech. He said the ambassador and consular staff would have to leave Venezuela within 24 hours. 7:10PM Another significant defection The first member of the feared FAES shock troops announced that he too was defecting, Harriet Alexander reports. William Cancico said he was "tired of seeing my people suffer." He added: "I won't turn against them." Eighteen members of Venezuelan Security Forces have deserted, Source at Colombia Migration agency— Reuters Venezuela (@ReutersVzla) February 23, 2019   5:20PM Aid for Venezuela to be passed by human chain from Colombia  A convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian assistance for Venezuela will be unloaded at the Simon Bolivar bridge on Colombia's side of the border and the aid will be transported by a human chain across the frontier, Colombia's migration agency said. 5:14PM Venezuelan troops unleash tear gas on protesters Venezuela's National Guard have fired tear gas on residents clearing a barricaded border bridge to Colombia. The opposition is calling on masses of Venezuelans to form a "humanitarian avalanche" to escort trucks carrying the aid across several border bridges. But clashes started at dawn in the Venezuelan border town of Urena, when residents began removing yellow metal barricades and barbed wire blocking the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge. Venezuela's National Guard responded forcefully, firing tear gas and buckshot on the protesters, some of them masked youth throwing rocks, who demanded that the aid pass through. Venezuelans hold a protest in the border city of Urena Credit: AFP Later, the youth commandeered a city bus and set it afire. At least two dozen people were injured in the disturbances, according to local health officials in Urena. "We're tired. There's no work, nothing," Andreina Montanez, 31, said as she sat on a curb crying from the tear gas that was used to disperse the crowd. A single mom, she said she lost her job as a seamstress in December and had to console her 10-year-old daughter's fears that she would be left orphaned when she decided to join Saturday's protest. "I told her I had to go out on the streets because there's no bread," she said. "But still, these soldiers are scary. It's like they're hunting us." Venezuela's opposition lawmaker Jose Manuel Olivares and supporters march toward the Simon Bolivars bridge on the outskirts of Cucuta Credit: Reuters At the Simon Bolivar bridge, a group of aid volunteers in blue vests calmly walked up to a police line and shook officers' hands, appealing for them to join their fight. Four National Guardsmen deserted the force early in the day and took refuge inside Colombia. A video provided by Colombian authorities shows three of the men wading through a crowd with their assault rifles and pistols held above their heads in a sign of surrender. The young soldiers were then ordered to lay face down on the ground as migration officials urged angry onlookers to keep a safe distance. "I've spent days thinking about this," said one of the soldiers. He called on his comrades to join him: "There is a lot of discontent inside the forces, but also lots of fear." God Bless the people of Venezuela!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 23, 2019 Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said the military would "never have orders to fire on the civilian population" and likened the aid push to a media spectacle. "We can only hope that sanity and good sense prevail in Cucuta, in Colombia, and that it will remain as a big show, a big party, and that they don't try to open the doors to a military intervention," he said at UN headquarters in New York Friday. 4:54PM Venezuelan army major recognises Juan Guaido as leader In another blow for Mr Maduro, a  major in the Venezuelan army, Hugo Enrique Parra Martínez, has publicly recognised Juan Guaidó as Commander-in-Chief of the National Armed Forces, according to reports.  Venezuela: Mayor del Ejército, Hugo Enrique Parra Martínez, reconoce públicamente a Juan Guaidó, cómo Comandante en Jefe de la Fuerza Armada Nacional pic.twitter.com/3SmFBTtORX— Rocío San Miguel (@rociosanmiguel) February 23, 2019 BREAKING: A major from the Venezuelan national guard has just entered the building at Tienditas bridge where Guaido is. He entered Colombia not by one of the bridges, but downing arms and scampering across the river, the Colombian police say. They name him as Major Hugo Parra. pic.twitter.com/WFfj4w4SIE— Harriet Alexander (@h_alexander) February 23, 2019   4:48PM 'Usurper Maduro will be responsible for any violence'​ Ivan Duque, the Colombian president, has called for warned against Venezuelan troops blocking the supplies leaving from his country, saying it would be a breach of human rights laws. En vivo @CNNEE declaración del presidente @IvanDuquepic.twitter.com/hEcOiuVuQI— Mariana Reyes (@Marianitareyes) February 23, 2019 “We demand that it be permitted to pass in a peaceful manner into Venezuelan territory for the benefit of those who need it,” he said in a video posted by a journalist. If the aid is denied entry, he added, “the usurper Nicolas Maduro will be responsible for any act of violence.” 4:26PM How long will Venezuelan troops stay with Maduro? The deployment of aid by the US and the Venezuelan opposition on the border with Colombia is a high stakes game to test the loyalty of Venezuela's armed forces - effectively asking them to chose between alleviating suffering or staying faithful to the regime.  President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the troops to bar the entry of the aid convoys. But the majority of Venezuelan security forces ready to turn on President Maduro, Coddy Weddle reported from Caracas recently. Read the full story here. 4:22PM Protesters plead with soldiers Meanwhile in the Venezuelan capital, protesters are heading to a military airport to beg soldiers to defy President Maduro and allow aid into the economically-stricken country. VENEZUELA In Caracas, while no one is looking, protesters start to take the streets planning to get to La Carlota, a military airport in the capital, to ask soldiers to switch sides and let the humanitarian aid in. The Green Cross is already around the area.— Ana Vanessa Herrero (@AnaVHerrero) February 23, 2019 4:18PM More aid trucks head to Venezuela The Telegraph's  Harriet Alexander is following the progress of aid trucks leaving from Cucuta, Colombia which are attempting to cross into Venezuela. Breaking: Caravan arrives at Simon Bolívar Bridge. National Guard launches tear gas. pic.twitter.com/SUYqQEAv2r— Cody Weddle (@coweddle) February 23, 2019  Juan Guaido, self-declared interim president, appears to be riding the truck to the border. Momento de la entrega de la ayuda humanitaria al presidente @jguaidoVenezuelapic.twitter.com/nS19nWRy7e— Marito Abdo (@MaritoAbdo) February 23, 2019 4:11PM First aid shipment arrives in Venezuela  A truck carrying humanitarian aid crossed into Venezuela from Brazil at midday on Saturday, opposition lawmaker Miguel Pizarro told reporters in Caracas. "This is a great accomplishment, Venezuela!", opposition leader Juan Guaido says in a tweet. ¡Atención Venezuela! Anunciamos oficialmente que YA ENTRÓ el primer cargamento de ayuda humanitaria por nuestra frontera con Brasil. ¡Esto es un gran logro, Venezuela! ¡Seguimos! 23FAvalanchaHumanitaria— Juan Guaidó (@jguaido) February 23, 2019   A Reuters witness said, however, that while the truck was on Venezuelan soil, it had not yet passed through the customs checkpoint.  4:02PM Tensions flare in Urena, Venezuela A bus that was torched during clashes with the Bolivarian National Guard burns in Urena, Venezuela Credit: AP Clashes have intensified in Urena, the Venezuelan side of the border with Colombia. Venezuela’s national guard fired tear gas on residents clearing a barricaded border bridge between Venezuela and Colombia. Protesters responded by stealing a red city bus and setting it on fire, according to reports on the ground. The bus has now set light to a nearby building. Flames from the bus also caused nearby power lines to spark.  Demonstrators destroying a city bus in Urena Credit: AP   3:31PM Brazil's humanitarian aid has arrived on the border The first truck with humanitarian aid from the Brazilian government has arrived in the city of Pacaraima on the border with Venezuela. The crossing has been closed on orders from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the truck loaded with food and medicine will now wait in Brazilian territory. Brazil's Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo said he expects Mr Maduro's government to allow the aid to pass. "It is very exciting to see people anxious to recover their freedom and have a decent life," Mr Araujo said. 3:06PM Venezuelan opposition leader arrives at the border The Venezuelan opposition leader has arrived at the border with the leaders of Colombia, Chile and Paraguay. Guaido has arrived at Tienditas bridge, accompanied by the presidents of Colombia, Chile & Paraguay, and the Sec Gen of the Organisation of American States. They’re walking up towards the Venezuelan side, to recce the scene before returning to give speeches and begin the delivery— Harriet Alexander (@h_alexander) February 23, 2019 3:03PM Defected soldiers named We now have the names of three of the four national guard members who defected earlier this morning, Harriet Alexander reports from the border. Three drove two tanks across the Simon Bolivar bridge, shunting the barricades out of the way to hand themselves in. The fourth walked across the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge, to huge applause. El momento en el que tres miembros de la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana desertan en el Puente Internacional Simón Bolívar y han solicitado ayuda a Migración Colombia. "¡Libertad!", gritan quienes los ven entrar: https://t.co/lURgwLQDEkpic.twitter.com/cyBbQkUtwW— CNN en Español (@CNNEE) February 23, 2019 Two tanks push through the barriers on the Simon Bolivar bridge, making their way to the Colombian side and the three national guard members then defecting https://t.co/E0UrpOMwYY— Harriet Alexander (@h_alexander) February 23, 2019 The three have been named as  Lt Richard Sánchez Zambrano, Sgt Major Edgar Torres Valera and Sgt Major Oscar Suárez Torres. Breaking: Caravan arrives at Simon Bolívar Bridge. National Guard launches tear gas. pic.twitter.com/SUYqQEAv2r— Cody Weddle (@coweddle) February 23, 2019

Operencia: The Stolen Sun Developer Diary Tells Us More About The Game's Puzzles and Combat

23.02.2019 6:10

Operencia: The Stolen Sun is a first-person dungeon-crawler that unites classic turn-based RPG gameplay with stories, characters and settings inspired by unexplored central European folklore and legends.

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The Trail - a Walking Simulator with a Few Quirks | Gamebuz

22.02.2019 22:12

The main gameplay is on a rail and you only control the speed at which you go, but you also collect supplies and craft items on your way to the big city.

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Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight Review GameSpew

22.02.2019 16:20

With easy pick-up-and-play controls, addictive gameplay, and engaging levelling up system, Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight should fly right to your Nintendo Switch.

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New Left Alive Gameplay Video Shows 15 Minutes of Stealth, Action, and Characters

22.02.2019 14:20

SquareEnix today revealed an extended look at the gameplay for the upcoming stealth action shooter LEFT ALIVE, showcasing the variety of gameplay mechanics and strategies available to players

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Population Zero Receives a Big Update to Pave the Way for Alpha

22.02.2019 10:16

To pave the way, players at the Commander level will be able to take part in the final pre-alpha gameplay session starting February 23rd.

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EP budget chair seeks clarity on Saudi lobbying and College of Europe

22.02.2019 3:29

German centre-right MEP Ingeborg Grassle has written to the rector of the EU-funded College of Europe to demand clarity on what she called its Saudi "lobbyist" ties.

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American Ninja Warrior Challenge New Gameplay Details Revealed, Available for Pre-Order

22.02.2019 0:13

With the goal to achieve Total Victory, players compete on favorite obstacle courses from the show to earn the "American Ninja Warrior" title, while show hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila provide commentary.

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Far Cry New Dawn Review (PS4) - GearNuke

21.02.2019 20:14

Purely as a spin-off to Far Cry 5, New Dawn does manage to offer a solid continuation of the story and already established gameplay mechanics. If we take it as a completely new game, it doesn't manage to leave that great of an impression.

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