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Birding paradise in Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit

23.02.2018 9:14

San Blas has 12 bird-watching routes, making it perfect for a two-week birding getaway.

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Will Mexico's July Presidential Election Bring Energy Regression?

23.02.2018 9:00

Mexico's 2013 Energy Reforms were as a significant achievement as any in decades for this country of 130 million people. Despite a presidential election coming in July, the deregulation should hold, even though the front-runner has criticized it.

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Bachelor in Paradise Is Going International: Who Will Be Heading to Mexico for Season 5?

23.02.2018 8:05

How do you say Paradise in German? During The Bachelor Winter Games' short two-week unu, Bachelor Nation fell in love with cast members from all over the world, including Japan,...

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US takes steps to resume plutonium pit production for nukes

23.02.2018 7:54

Call to increase plutonium storage at New Mexico facility draws criticism from nuclear watchdogs.

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Trump says Mexico must do more to combat MS-13

23.02.2018 7:23

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is calling on Mexico to block MS-13 gang members from traveling through their country on the way to the U.S. Trump tweets that gang members are being removed “by the thousands” by federal law enforcement agents, “but these killers come back in from El Salvador, and through Mexico, like [...]

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Trump urges Mexico to block illegal immigrants from El Salvador

23.02.2018 6:51

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday called on Mexico to do more to prevent violent illegal immigrants from El Salvador from entering the United States, again pushing his long-proposed border wall but stopping short of saying Mexico would fund it.

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Benjamín Romano: "I Focus on Improving the Building"

23.02.2018 2:00

Visiting  several times in recent months enabled me to get to know a number of leading architects there. In the process, I was in turn directed to other architects that were new to me, whom I then discovered were, in fact, the leading and most revered architects in the country according to the local architectural community. I am particularly referring to  and , whose interviews were published in  last year, and , whose name came up when I asked a number of architects to cite their favorite building from recent years in Mexico City. Along with the absolute favorite, , another structure stood out: , a 57-story office tower, the tallest building in the city. The following conversation with Romano, its architect, took place inside this unusually powerful and inventive structure.

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Mexican man, once the world's fattest, dreams of walking again

22.02.2018 21:50

February 23, 2018 10:50 AM
GUADALAJARA, MEXICO (AFP) - The folds of flesh on Juan Pedro Franco's back sway heavily as he cranks the pedals of a modified bicycle with his arms, exercising to boost his already jaw-dropping weight-loss total of 250kg.

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Fourth fortune hunter dies looking for Fenn's Treasure

22.02.2018 20:10

A fourth fortune hunter has died in the pursuit of a treasure chest containing more than $1 million worth of gold coins and jewels which is reputedly hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Jeff Murphy, 53, perished in June but the details of his death were only revealed eight months later. He was looking for Fenn's Treasure and died after going hiking up a trail within the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park, and falling 500ft down a rocky slope. Fenn's Treasure is said to have been deposited in 2010 by Forrest Fenn, an eccentric, octogenarian millionaire art dealer and former Vietnam fighter pilot. Mr Fenn, who is still alive, has said he set the task of finding it in order to encourage people to "get off the couch" and see nature. According to him the bounty is inside a 22lb Romanesque bronze chest and includes 265 gold coins, diamonds, emeralds and ancient Chinese figurines. He published a 24-line poem which contains the clues to locating it. Jeff Murphy, 53, perished in June but the details of his death were only revealed eight months later. Over the last eight years tens of thousands of people are believed to have searched for the loot, mostly in New Mexico where clues have pointed. However, Mr Murphy, a vice president of the International Housewares Association, had headed for the Wyoming-Montana border area. When he went missing a huge search operation was launched including rescuers on horseback, others with dogs, and a helicopter. Erica Murphy, his widow, said he had first read about Fenn's Treasure in an airplane magazine. He then read Mr Fenn’s book The Thrill of the Chase, which contains the full 24-line poem. The poem includes lines like "Begin it where warm waters halt. And take it in the canyon down". Mrs Murphy told the Albuquerque Journal: "It was his pastime. He loved anything that caused him to use his brain, and he loved being out in nature." The death was expected to lead to renewed calls to end the controversial treasure hunt. But Mrs Murphy said she did not blame Mr Fenn, and her husband knew the risks. She said he "would not have wanted to hinder" others from searching. As rescuers looked for her husband Mrs Murphy emailed Mr Fenn to say: "I hope your quest won't be adversely affected by these current events." According to a report by Yellowstone National Park into his death Mr Murphy had also emailed Mr Fenn before setting out. When he went missing Mr Fenn then offered to pay for a helicopter to look for him. Mr Fenn also said he had never been to the area where Mr Murphy was searching, so he was looking in the wrong place. Last summer, fortune hunter Paris Wallace, 52, a pastor from Colorado was found dead north of Santa Fe, New Mexico after trying to traverse a river. Separately, Eric Ashby, 31 died after his raft overturned on the Arkansas River. In 2016, Randy Bilyeu, 54, died on the Rio Grande while looking for the treasure. His former wife Linda Bilyeu has called the hunt "madness". Mr Fenn has previously indicated the treasure is hidden somewhere not hard to reach and that, even at his advanced age, he could himself go back to the spot. Supporters of the treasure hunt have argued that it has achieved its aim of getting Americans into the Great Outdoors, and has led to people meeting spouses and parents bonding with their children.

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Grand Prix Gives Three-Fold Boost To Sales Yields At Mexico City Hotels

22.02.2018 18:28

Hoteliers in Mexico City got a much-needed boost in occupancy and rate from the city’s Formula One auto race last year according to data from industry analyst STR Global.

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