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House Democrats Increase Border Offer to $5.7 Billion, if Government Opens

23.01.2019 14:07

Democratic leaders said they were prepared to match the amount requested by President Trump, but only if the money was used for security measures like drones and refitted ports of entry — not a wall.

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Democrats push technology as alternative to Trump wall in shutdown impasse

23.01.2019 13:18

Democratic leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives floated the idea on Wednesday of ending a partial government shutdown by giving President Donald Trump most or all of the money he seeks for border security with Mexico but for items other than a physical wall.

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The Mueller Squirrel Cage

23.01.2019 13:13

Special Counsel Robert Mueller recently indicted yet another peripheral character in his Trump probe, Russian attorney Natalia V. Veselnitskaya, for alleged money laundering in a matter quite separate from Trump. Like almost all of Mueller’s indictments of the past 20 months, the charges against Veselnitskaya had nothing to do with his original mandate of finding any possible Trump–Russia collusion. If Mueller was not a special counsel, and if he was not looking for anyone deemed useful to flip to find dirt on Donald Trump, then Veselnitskaya would have been just another daily Washington foreign influence-peddler being courted with impunity by her American influence-peddling and often equally suspect counterparts.

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Streamline your life and save money by adopting a 'daily uniform'

23.01.2019 13:10

Alex English paid off his credit card debt and got his spending under control by embracing a minimalist wardrobe.

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Delta Air Lines: Raleigh/Durham 'focus city' now at 29 nonstop destinations

23.01.2019 13:08

Delta’s latest growth at RDU follows expansions there by budget rivals Frontier and Spirit, which unveiled a combined 15 RDU routes of their own this month.

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What To Expect From Colgate-Palmolive's Q4

23.01.2019 12:11

Colgate Palmolive is scheduled to announce its fourth quarter results on Friday, January 25. In the first nine months of fiscal 2018, Colgate’s net sales grew slightly year-over-year (y-o-y) to $12 billion, driven by volume growth of 1.5% and flat net selling prices and foreign exchange.

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House Democrats to discuss additional border security funds: Hoyer

23.01.2019 11:27

Representative Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives, said on Wednesday that House Democrats would be discussing "substantial sums of additional money" for border security as a partial government shutdown stretches into its 33rd day.

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White House noncommittal on Senate shutdown bill

23.01.2019 11:15

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders declined to "get into hypotheticals" when asked if President Donald Trump would support a bill in the Senate reopening government through Feb. 8, with no wall money, to give bargainers time to talk. (Jan. 23)

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Everything You Need to Know About Bioware's Anthem

23.01.2019 11:12

COGconnected: BioWare's Anthem is a month away and we put together everything you need to know about this epic sci-fi adventure that pits you against the elements as you fight for the Anthem of Creation to protect humanity.

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