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Resident Evil 4 Haunted The GameCube 16 Years Ago

13.01.2021 2:23

From TheGamer: "It's hard to imagine but back in 2005, it was a big deal that Resident Evil 4 was a limited-time GameCube exclusive, regardless of how huge this entry became. Over the past 16 years, you can still see its influences in modern gaming today. Nintendo is often seen as a family-friendly company (especially in the 2000s), so it was a surprise when they announced that Capcom and the Big N struck a deal to make Resident Evil 4 exclusive to the GameCube. They even authorized an official controller for the game that looked like a bloody chainsaw! Resident Evil 4 brought terror to the little purple box and high-stakes action never before seen in gaming up to that point."

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From: n4g.com

Make-up of gut microbiome may influence COVID-19 severity and immune response

13.01.2021 0:27

The variety and volume of bacteria in the gut, known as the microbiome, may influence the severity of COVID-19 as well as the magnitude of the immune system response to the infection, suggests research.

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From: feeds.sciencedaily.com

HP's work laptops at CES 2021 are made for micro mobility video

12.01.2021 20:00

The Elite Dragonfly G2, Elite Folio, EliteBook Aero and Envy 14 add features for better wireless, video chats and battery life.

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From: www.cnet.com

Kris Jenner Threatens Legal Action Against TikTok Star Ava Louise

12.01.2021 18:25

Kris Jenner rep says she doesn't even know who Ava Louise is, but adds ... if she keeps making up fake stories there could be legal consequences. If you missed it ... Ava's a social media influencer who gained attention last week after posting a...

From: www.tmz.com

2021 NFL Draft: Joel Klatt’s Top 10 prospects

12.01.2021 18:19

Joel Klatt ranks the top 10 college football prospects as attention turns to the 2021 NFL Draft. See which quarterbacks crack his top 10 and who else is likely to hear their names called early on.

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From: www.foxsports.com

NFL Playoffs Divisional Round: How to watch Rams vs. Packers on Saturday without cable

12.01.2021 17:57

The Los Angeles Rams head to Green Bay to take on the Packers.

From: www.cnet.com

10-year Treasury yield climbs to highest level since March

12.01.2021 15:20

The U.S. 10-year Treasury yield rallied to a nearly 10-month high Tuesday as investors worried that stimulus measures to combat the economic slowdown caused by COVID-19 could unleash a wave of inflation down the road.

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Shomaj Biggyan Chattar at University of Dhaka / STHANIK Consultants

12.01.2021 15:00

Surrounded by significant landmarks like the Central Mosque, Central Library, Central Student Union Building, a historic Canteen and also the new building of the Faculty of Social Science, the original open space had failed to create any significance regarding the usage. Despite being located at the heart of university of , the area remained ‘unattended’ for years. The place itself had nothing to offer to the users, and was being used for shortcuts and dumping zone of construction debris for several years. Natural setting was random but guided by the influences like sunlight, condition of the soil and less human intervention.

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Trump's absence will be felt on social media — but not by his most extreme supporters

12.01.2021 14:26

Without a megaphone to distribute his views on social media, Trump would have a difficult time influencing other media or finding new people to build his audience.

From: www.nbcnews.com

Democrats are making a mockery of the Constitution

12.01.2021 14:26

The president will leave office in ignominy even if Congress does nothing. Seeking vengeance will only further inflame his supporters and undermine democracy.

From: www.nbcnews.com

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