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Manziel touts Kap, hails his 'amazing impact'

24.03.2018 15:11

Johnny Manziel lauded Colin Kaepernick for "doing amazing things" and "changing lives" with his charitable work, tweeting that the ex-49ers star was not in the NFL for 'non football' reasons.


Kenneth Frampton on His Early Career and Appreciating Architectural Talent From Around the Globe

24.03.2018 15:10

In , answered questions about his existing architectural influence and his opinion as it relates to the direction of architectural theory and criticism. Frampton has long been a prominent voice in the world of architectural theory and writing. He has taught at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation  since 1972, all the while publishing a large collection of critical essays and books on the topic of 20th-century architecture—the most notable of those being his 1983 essay “Towards a Critical Regionalism: Six Points for an Architecture of Resistance.”

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Johnny Manziel Speaks Out on Colin Kaepernick Comparisons and Controversy

24.03.2018 15:08

Johnny Manziel's had it with the controversy over his quest to return to the NFL being compared to Colin Kaepernick's situation, and he's speaking out in favor of Kaep ... and himself. The former Browns QB says he's tired of the anger people have...


Venezuela president solution to inflation: Change money

24.03.2018 14:10

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — President Nicolas Maduro attempted to tackle Venezuela's staggering inflation Thursday by lopping three zeros off the increasingly worthless currency called the bolivar.


Northern Ireland 2 South Korea 1: Son frustrated as World Cup preparations stutter

24.03.2018 11:54

Northern Ireland came from behind to defeat South Korea 2-1 and inflict an early blow in the visitors’ preparations for the World Cup finals.  Kwon Chang-hoon opened the scoring in the seventh minute for the Asian heavyweights, Northern Ireland equalising by forcing a Kim Min-jae own goal from a clever set-piece 13 minutes later. South […]


China prepares for WAR: Chinese newspaper warns of South China Sea and Taiwan conflict

24.03.2018 11:48

CHINA should prepare for a “direct military clash” over Taiwan, after a mid-level US official arrived in Taipei on Tuesday, angering senior officials in Beijing, a Chinese state run newspaper has warned.


Implications of access to high-quality fruits and vegetables

24.03.2018 10:31

Researchers have shown how access to high-quality fruits and vegetables - or lack thereof - strongly influences whether healthy foods make it to a person's breakfast, lunch or dinner plate. 

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Why Trump's latest steps heighten risk of a global trade war

24.03.2018 10:16

Suddenly, the world's financial markets are gripped by fear that an escalating trade rift between the United States and China — the two mightiest economies — could inflict far-reaching pain.


UN: 124 million people suffer hunger worldwide

24.03.2018 9:10

'We can end world hunger by 2030, but not as long as there is conflict.'

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