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North Korea's economy just had its worst year in two decades

20.07.2018 4:27

North Korea's economy has shifted into reverse following the introduction of crippling international sanctions targeting its nuclear weapons program.

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North Korean economy sees sharpest decline in 20 years as sanctions bite

20.07.2018 3:07

North Korea’s economy contracted at the sharpest rate in two decades in 2017, according to estimates from South Korea’s central bank, in a clear sign international sanctions imposed to stop Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes have hit growth hard....

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N. Korea puts reunion of war separated families in doubt

20.07.2018 3:07

North Korea said that an August reunion of Korean families separated by war may not happen if South Korea doesn't immediately return some of its citizens who arrived in the South in recent years. ......

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North Korea denuclearisation in a year not likely: US intelligence chief Dan Coats

19.07.2018 20:11

US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said on Thursday it was technically possible for North Korea to eliminate its nuclear weapons program within a year, but added that it was not likely to happen.

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New Global Slavery Report Says North Korea Has More Than 2.6 Million 'Modern Slaves'

19.07.2018 14:54

One out of 10 North Koreans is considered a victim of modern slavery according to estimates in a new report released on Thursday. The Washington Post reported that 2.6 million people are living under modern slavery in the repressive regime, most of which are forced to work by the state according to the 2018 Global Slavery Index. The report also said the North Korean government had the weakest response to slavery out of all surveyed countries since it is involved in forced labor both inside and outside the country by sending North Koreans to work abroad and send all earnings back to North Korea. The Global Slavery Index defines modern slavery to include forced labor, debt bondage, human...

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Global report singles out North Korea on slavery

19.07.2018 10:09

LONDON (AP) — A new report has singled out North Korea as the country with the highest prevalence of modern slavery. The Global Slavery Index shows one in 10 people in North Korea live in slavery, with most forced to work for the state. It cites the nation’s coal exports as the area of greatest [...]

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North Korea hasn't met its promise to return US war remains

19.07.2018 10:00

North Korea has yet to fulfill its promise to return remains of Americans killed in 1950s

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North Korea WARNING: Wargames to RESTART unless Kim makes carries out nuclear promises

19.07.2018 9:08

JOINT military exercises between the United States and South Korea could resume after August if insufficient progress is made in denuclearisation negotiations with Pyongyang, the South's foreign minster has hinted.

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Tongue-lashings from North Korea's Kim underscore shift in focus to economy

19.07.2018 1:13

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's strident rebukes of officials during recent trips to industrial sites were aimed at rallying support at home for his economic drive and convincing outsiders about his willingness to denuclearize. ......

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North Korea hasn’t met its promise to return US war remains

19.07.2018 0:25

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than a month after North Korea pledged to immediately return some American war dead, the promise is unfulfilled. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who traveled to Pyongyang this month to press the North Koreans further, said Wednesday the return could begin “in the next couple of weeks.” But it could take [...]

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