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Defecting gymnast escapes North Korea by ‘vaulting 12 foot border wall’

24.11.2020 21:05

A NORTH KOREAN gymnast has sensationally vaulted over a 12ft barbed wire fence to reach freedom in the south according to reports.


North Korea under threat from 'shadowy' underground movement seeking to topple Kim Jong-un

24.11.2020 18:29

NORTH KOREA's totalitarian regime is being targeted by a "shadowy" organisation that operates internationally and within the Hermit Kingdom with its sole aim to topple the tyranny of Kim Jong-un.


North Korea chaos: Kim Jong-un releases 7,000 prisoners in bizarre amnesty sparking fury

23.11.2020 16:24

NORTH KOREA has released 7,000 prisoners from the regime's notorious prison camps and ordered local regions to house and feed them.


Kim Jong-un fury: North Korean put life on line in claim tyrant ‘steals all our money’

20.11.2020 10:59

KIM JONG-UN sparks the wrath of North Koreans, so much so that one woman put her life on the line by claiming he "takes money" from them.


Defector reveals HORROR treatment of North Korean women in China

20.11.2020 2:19

NORTH KOREAN women are being held as "sexual slaves" in China having escaped their home country according to Yeonmi Park, who crossed into China in 2007.


US sanctions two firms for North Korea forced labour

19.11.2020 16:34

Treasury Department says it blacklisted a Russian construction company and a North Korean company operating in Russia.


North Korea could ramp up missile tests under Biden sparking winter ‘Washington showdown'

17.11.2020 22:43

KIM JONG-UN is yet to comment on president-elect Joe Biden's victory but experts have warned that North Korea may start to test missiles by the end of the winter.


North Korean defector reveals true TERRIFYING escape from brutal dictatorship

17.11.2020 20:49

A NORTH KOREAN defector has revealed how she was able to escape one of the world's most ruthless dictatorships.


Kim Jong-un warns of new China coronavirus threat in mysterious ‘dust’

17.11.2020 19:35

NORTH KOREA has issued a bizarre warning of "yellow dust" being blown into the country from China that could carry coronavirus with it.


Germany accuses Russia, China of stalling over North Korea fuel sanctions

17.11.2020 18:51

November 18, 2020 7:51 AM
Dozens of countries have accused North Korea of breaching a UN cap on refined petroleum imports.


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