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Elder Scrolls game threatens to ditch PlayStation if Sony won't approve cross-play

13.08.2018 22:23

Bethesda may skip the PS4 for Elder Scrolls: Legends, because Sony won't play nice.

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Ogle the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro From All Angles in Tons of Official Pictures

10.08.2018 4:27

If you like the upcoming 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro that was just announced by Sony, you probably want to see more, in every minute detail.

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Bullet Girls Phantasia Gets Hilarious Trailer in English to Celebrate Release (NSFW)

10.08.2018 4:27

H2 Interactive celebrated the Asian release of Bullet Girls Phantasia for PS4 and PS Vita with English subtitles with a new trailer.

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Sony unveils translucent PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition to celebrate sales

09.08.2018 10:02

To commemorate selling over 500 million PlayStations, Sony's selling serialized translucent PS4 Pro consoles and accessories.

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Overcooked 2 serves up new chaotic cooking action for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC gamers

07.08.2018 5:17

Fin writes: "2016s Overcooked brought a new cooperative experience the way of gamers - one of cooking with an almighty twist. Players were found whipping up a variety of dishes in a multitude of wacky kitchens (such as on two moving trucks), all in an attempt to save the Onion Kingdom from the evil Onion King. Now though and the Kingdom is under threat once again in Overcooked 2, this time from the Unbread, and it is up to a merry band of alien, animal and human chefs to save it."


Defenders of Ekron Definitive Edition - PS4 | Review - SquareXO

06.08.2018 9:10

SQXO: If you could pick up a copy for £510, its probably worth a crack, but any more than that and you will be kicking yourself.

Tags: PS4, Fender

Super Destronaut DX (PS4, PS Vita) Review | GamePitt

06.08.2018 9:10

Rob Pitt writes: Super Destronaut DX is a throwback to the 80s classic Space invaders, only with gameplay revolving around completing challenges and a much faster pace gameplay style. Its yet another cross-buy title between both PS4 and the PS Vita from Ratalaika Games, giving us a total of two platinum trophies for a very low price. Developer Petite Games have created a game to pull on our nostalgia strings, but is there enough content to keep you entertained?

Tags: PS4, MEP, SPA

Bomber Crew PS4 Review - With Secret Weapons Shhhhh - Thumb Culture

06.08.2018 9:10

"Curve Digital and Runner Duck Games have released Bomber Crew for the PS4. I thought as I had already played the game on the PC..." Kev @ Thumb Culture

Tags: PS4, PC

Musynx Review (PS4) - An Absolute Feast for the Senses | Sirus Gaming

06.08.2018 8:10

Mei: Musynx has already established itself as a very engaging Rhythm game. It was first released as a mobile game featuring 100,000 downloads for Android alone. Now it has been released to the console community, bringing the experience to the PlayStation 4, Switch and PlayStation Vita users.

Tags: Android, PS4

20XX Review (PS4) - Megaman Meets Roguelike | Sirus Gaming

06.08.2018 7:10

Erickson: The core of what makes a good Megaman-like game is solid platforming and the ability to shoot. Throw in some fun level designs and unique enemies, and youve got the makings of a fun game with some replay value. But that alone is not enough to set it apart from other clones.

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