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The Trump paradox: A weakened president who could do the impossible on guns — if he wanted to

23.02.2018 9:08

The president has spent three years cultivating his base. When will he use that political capital?

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Fox's Shepard Smith: People go to prison for what Jared Kushner did

23.02.2018 9:07

President Donald Trump’s son in law has made frequent revisions to his financial forms to provide information that was incorrect or missing. Susana Victoria Perez (@susana_vp) has more.

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Will Mexico's July Presidential Election Bring Energy Regression?

23.02.2018 9:00

Mexico's 2013 Energy Reforms were as a significant achievement as any in decades for this country of 130 million people. Despite a presidential election coming in July, the deregulation should hold, even though the front-runner has criticized it.

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[Ticker] EU parliament president: 'The immigration problem is Africa'

23.02.2018 8:44

Antonio Tajani, the European parliament's president, told reporters on Friday that millions of people will leave Africa in the coming decades should outstanding issues of poverty, war, and climate change not be resolved. "The immigration problem is Africa. As I said in front of the heads of state, in 2050 we will have 2.5 billion people living in Africa," he said.

Trump says violent video games 'shape' young minds

23.02.2018 8:08

The president said violence in video games had a big influence on how youths view the world

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President Trump threatens to pull ICE officers out of California

23.02.2018 8:07

President Trump is putting California on notice with a threat to pull ICE officers out of the state. Veuer's Nick Cardona has that story.

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Billionaire offers to pay for Jerusalem Embassy

23.02.2018 8:07

President Donald Trump's administration is considering an offer from Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson to pay for at least part of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. 
(Feb. 23)

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In #ArmMeWith movement, teachers ask to be armed, but not with guns

23.02.2018 8:07

Teachers are responding to President Donald Trump’s suggestion that arming teachers would prevent more school shootings and are using the hashtag #ArmMeWith to demand better school supplies and mental health resources, not guns.

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Trump doubles down on proposal to arm teachers

23.02.2018 7:56

The president endorsed letting trained teachers carry weapons when he met with state and local officials on Thursday. That idea has people split along party lines according to a CBS News poll out Friday morning. Fifty percent of Americans are opposed to teachers carrying guns and 44 percent are in favor of it. Julianna Goldman reports.

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Russian Meddling Doesn’t Even Compare To How Elites Hack Voters And American Elections

23.02.2018 7:25

Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling When Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian businesses with an elaborate conspiracy to defraud the United States aimed at disrupting the 2016 presidential race, by using social media to boost the Trump and Sanders and Stein Campaigns to defeat Hillary Clinton, it doesn’t begin to compare to how elites in America have always defrauded America’s democracy and elections, even deliberately and intelligently hacking the organized habits and opinions of American voters. To be sure, a handful of political, corporate and military elites, not masses, govern America, and they are the few who really participate in...

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