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Sony's Xperia XZ3 is available for purchase now for $900

17.10.2018 12:37

You can get it, unlocked, at Amazon and Best Buy.

From: www.cnet.com

Sony fixes PlayStation 4 bug that allowed message to crash consoles

17.10.2018 4:11

Sony has announced that its fixed a bug that was causing PlayStation consoles to crash if they received a specific message.

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From: n4g.com

Another PSN Store Sale Is Up, Called the "Bombs Drop Sale"

16.10.2018 22:16

MP1st Writes - While Sonys big sale every Tuesday is up, it seems the company has another PSN Store sale up, and its called the Bombs Drop Sale, or if you want to be more specific, the Fallout franchise sale.

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From: n4g.com

A Video Game MCU Published by Sony Could Dominate the Industry, But Is It Possible?

16.10.2018 20:11

Author writes "Marvel's Spider-Man earned critical acclaim when it launched back in September, and it's being celebrated as a triumph for licensed games. It feels as The success of Marvel's Spider-Man is prompting the suggestion that an MCU of video game titles might be inbound."

From: n4g.com

PlayStation Store Sale Now Live and Is Called the "Pub Party" Sale, Here's the Full List

16.10.2018 12:11

Its Tuesday, and that means Sony has once again released a new PlayStation Store sale, which means a ton of games are at discounted prices. This weeks sale is called the Pub Party sale which you can check directly here for the web browser version.

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PS4 gamers report messaging bug that bricks consoles, Sony says it's just a 'crash loop'

16.10.2018 10:09

Players say it's forced them to factory reset their consoles, but Sony offered a better solution.

From: www.cnet.com

Sony XBR70X830F 70″ 4K HDR LED Smart TV with - $1799.99

15.10.2018 19:32

This Sony XBR70X830F 70" 4K HDR LED Smart TV with features 4K resolution. ...

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From: www.dealepic.com

Venom, Aquaman Get Release Dates for China

15.10.2018 18:18

Venom, Aquaman Get Release Dates for China
China is reopening its theaters to Hollywood productions announcing release dates for Sony's Venom and DC's Aquaman.

From: www.cbr.com

No, You Don’t Really Want Spider-Man in Sony’s Spider-Verse

15.10.2018 14:01

No, You Don’t Really Want Spider-Man in Sony’s Spider-Verse
Fans have long lamented that Spider-Man won't appear in any of Sony's Spider-Verse movies, but, trust us, you really don't want that anyway.

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From: www.cbr.com

Sony working on a fix for bug that's crashing PlayStation 4 consoles

15.10.2018 10:44

Bug crashes and freezes PlayStation 4 consoles. The only way to recover is by performing a factory reset for the entire console.

Tags: Consoles, Sony
From: www.zdnet.com

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