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The Last of Us is Still a Masterpiece

20.01.2019 23:11

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Since the dawn of their first console, Sony has been able to craft great to even fantastic experiences that have helped to define the industry to what it is today. From giving us the likes of Crash Bandicoot, the Uncharted series, God of War as well as many others, Sony has continuously delivered on both excellence and ingenuity with many of their marquee franchises. Throughout all of these amazing adventures, one truly stands out above the rest. A title that has continued to grow, even after its release and has continuously had an impact within the entire gaming community and industry and can be considered one of the greatest games of all time. This, of course, is Naughty Dogs own project in The Last of Us that not only has been able to help usher in the age of cinematic experiences but also deliver one of the most captivating stories ever told in gaming history."


Days Gone Combat Breakdown with the Developers

20.01.2019 8:10

Brian Altano sits down with Eric Jensen of Sony Bend at PAX South to talk through the combat systems and mechanics involved in taking down hordes of Freakers.

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Characters Wed Love To See In Mortal Kombat 11

19.01.2019 23:22

Baraka, Sonya Blade (voiced by MMA fighter Ronda Rousey), Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Geras (an entirely new character), Skarlet, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Shao Kahn. We already have ten confirmed fighters (out of a possible 25) so far, but who else deserves a place in the upcoming fantasy fighter? Here is our selection of characters wed love to see again and new ones that deserve their place in the games roster.


After Scathing Documentary, R. Kelly Is Back on the Charts

19.01.2019 21:25

Apparently there are some ghouls out there who saw Surviving R. Kelly and thought to themselves “Hmm…’Ignition’ is still catchy.” R. Kelly may have been dropped by Sony, but he’s charting better than he has in years. “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Ignition” have reentered the Billboard R&B Digital ...

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Dead or Alive 6 Cross-Platform Multiplayer Could Be Considered After Devs Solve Related Issues

19.01.2019 18:13

While Sony has been opening to cross-platform multiplayer, Dead or Alive 6 will keep communities separate at launch. Yet, not all hope is lost.

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Sony XBR65X850F 65″ 4K Ultra HD High Dynamic Range Smart TV - $1299.99

19.01.2019 11:45

This Sony XBR65X850F 65" 4K Ultra HD High Dynamic Range Smart TV features built-in Wi-Fi. ...

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Necrosphere Deluxe is a Two-Button Metroidvania and It's Coming to PS4 and Vita This Month

19.01.2019 11:13

Pure PlayStation: Necrosphere Deluxe is another publishing job by Sonys UNTIES label, meaning that this game wont just be on PS4 and Vita, but will also release on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The PS4 and PS Vita version releases on January 31st, 2019.


Could a New Console Compete with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo?

19.01.2019 11:13

For a very long time, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have had a strong hold on the console race. The PlayStation and Xbox line of video game systems cater to that crowd of purists who want the best-looking console games, access to their favorite online shooters, and a couple neat exclusives. Meanwhile Nintendo's platforms push for innovation while giving us a long list of familiar and beloved franchises. You'd think the answer would be simple, but it's really not. At least not without first looking at a multitude of variables.


Skrillex Says Regarding R. Kelly You Can't Just Erase Someone's Music

19.01.2019 11:10

Skrillex had an interesting take on R. Kelly and the movement to mute his music, and he says it's way more complicated than you think. We got the EDM star Friday in WeHo leaving Equinox gym, and he begins by agreeing that Sony's decision to drop R....

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Days Gone, Crackdown 3, And Resident Evil 2 Booth Images: PAX South

19.01.2019 8:10

Usually known for Indie games; Sony and Capcom were on hand at PAX South and Krystine at Skewed and Reviewed has posted some images from their first day of coverage.

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