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Sources: Patriots' Michel out at least 10 days

04.08.2018 18:10

A source described the draining of Sony Michel's knee as more of a clean-up, referring to it as positive because it helped address some pre-existing issues with the rookie RB.

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Can Spider-Man pave the way for new PlayStation exclusives in that Universe?

04.08.2018 14:10

"Insomniac Games will be releasing Spider-Man on September 7th for PlayStation 4. As someone who buys comic books on a weekly basis, Spider-Man is an integral part of my life. Im ecstatic to get my hands on the final version of the game next month. Ive been thinking about it ever since I played the 20-minute demo at E3. The game looks and feels like what makes Spider-Man such a unique character. From the one-liners, fluid combat, and natural swinging mechanics, Insomniac Games appears to be the right studio for the job. I wonder if Sony will allow the team to make other games in the same universe Spider-Man succeeds." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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SFG Announces Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game

04.08.2018 6:09

Steamforged Games is proud to announce we will be working with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and Guerrilla, developing an exciting board game for the Horizon Zero Dawn universe.

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Sony and Nintendo's strategies converge

03.08.2018 12:10

Bumper results for both platform holders point to a similar key to success - seeing themselves as game creators first and foremost.

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The Bane of Sony’s Venom: Understanding Tom Hardy

03.08.2018 12:01

The Bane of Sony’s Venom: Understanding Tom Hardy
There's a veritable legion of symbiotes for Eddie Brock to fight in Venom, but the movie's real villain may be Tom Hardy's accent.

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Microsoft Surface Go reviews are in, NES Classic outsells other consoles video

03.08.2018 8:00

The newest tablet by Microsoft is generally getting good reviews. Meanwhile, a new report says Nintendo moved more game consoles than Sony and Microsoft in June (well, in terms of total units).


What to expect at Gamescom 2018

03.08.2018 7:53

Where and when to hear the latest video game news from Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and more.


Nintendo Is Doing Its Own Thing, And That's Great.

03.08.2018 2:09

GameRVW rounds off its look at the major console producers with Nintendo, the fun-loving counterpart to their all business colleagues at Sony and Microsoft.


PSN Deals: Over 100 New Discounts and Deals on UK/EU PlayStation Store

02.08.2018 20:11

Pure PlayStation: Mid-week discounts are back in force this week with Sony throwing another 130 or so new deals and discounts up across the UK and European PlayStation Stores.

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Manafort put himself 'above the law' to fund his expensive tastes, court hears

02.08.2018 19:12

Paul Manafort’s deputy, Rick Gates, ‘had his hand in the cookie jar’, according to Manafort’s defence. Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort put “himself and his money above the law” to bankroll a lavish lifestyle that included a $21,000 watch and a $15,000 jacket made from ostrich, a court heard on Tuesday. “As the old adage goes, just follow the money,” assistant US attorney Uzo Asonye told the jury on the first day of the lobbyist and political consultant’s trial on 18 charges of bank fraud and tax evasion.


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