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Russia, Turkey agree to take steps to 'stabalise' Syria's Idlib

23.01.2019 14:08

Putin, Erdogan vow to battle 'terrorists' in Idlib, agree setting up 'safe zone' in northern Syria along Turkey border.

From: www.aljazeera.com

Car bomb hits Syria regime stronghold Latakia

23.01.2019 13:13

A car bomb shook the Syrian regime's coastal stronghold of Latakia on Tuesday, killing one person and wounding more than a dozen others, state news agency SANA reported. According to SANA the bomb blast hit southern Damascus without causing any victims, but the Observatory reported it left a number of people dead and wounded.

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From: news.yahoo.com

Car bomb kills one, injures 14 in Syria: state media

23.01.2019 12:13

A car bomb detonated in the government-held Syrian city of Latakia on Tuesday, killing one person and wounding 14, Syrian state media reported. State news agency SANA cited the head of the Latakia health department as saying a "terrorist explosion" had killed one civilian and wounded 14. Latakia, located on the Mediterranean coast, has stayed in government hands throughout Syria's eight years of civil war, avoiding the fighting that caused massive damage and casualties in most other major cities.

From: news.yahoo.com

Suicide bomber rams U.S.-backed forces at Syria checkpoint

23.01.2019 12:13

A suicide bomber drove his car into a checkpoint in northeastern Syria on Monday, injuring several soldiers of Kurdish-led forces during a joint convoy with U.S. allies, locals said. The attack happened on the western edge of Shadadi town in Hasaka province near a route frequented by the U.S.-led coalition fighting Islamic State, residents and sources said. In a tweet, the coalition said a convoy with allied Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) was involved in an attack, but there were no American casualties.

From: news.yahoo.com

Suicide attack on Kurdish-US convoy in Syria 'kills 5'

23.01.2019 9:13

A suicide bomber attacked a convoy of US troops and their allies in Syria on Monday, killing five members of a Kurdish-led force fighting the Islamic State group, a monitor said. The assault, claimed by IS jihadists, came less than a week after another deadly attack on US forces in Syria, and a month after Washington announced a US troop pullout from the war-torn country. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said five fighters from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces were killed in the blast on a road in northeastern Hasakeh province.

Government shutdown: Syrian refugee’s falafel shop giving free meals to furloughed workers in Tennessee

23.01.2019 8:21

A Syrian refugee is expressing his support and love for the United States by offering free food to anyone affected by the government shutdown at his falafel shop in Tennessee. Yassin Terou, who immigrated to the country from Syria in 2011, said he wanted to help his community during the trying times of the partial government shutdown.

From: news.yahoo.com

Israel increasingly goes public with its strikes in Syria

23.01.2019 7:14

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel on Monday claimed responsibility for a series of airstrikes on Iranian military targets in Syria, drifting further away from its longstanding policy of playing down or covering up its military activities in the war-torn country.

From: news.yahoo.com

What to expect as Putin and Erdogan discuss Syria's war?

23.01.2019 6:38

US troop withdrawal, a security buffer zone, and hard-line fighters' control of Idlib province high on the agenda.

Tags: Syria, Erdogan
From: www.aljazeera.com

Israeli raids inside Syria since 2013

23.01.2019 5:12

Beirut (AFP) - Israel has carried out hundreds of air strikes in neighbouring Syria since 2013, targeting regime forces along with their allies Iran and the Lebanese movement Hezbollah.

From: news.yahoo.com

Israel strikes in Syria in more open assault on Iran

23.01.2019 5:12

Syria's ally Russia said four Syrian soldiers had died and six were wounded. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the air raid had mostly targeted Iranian forces, but also hit Syrians helping them. The threat of direct confrontation between arch-enemies Israel and Iran has long simmered in Syria, where the Iranian military built a presence early in the nearly eight year civil war to help President Bashar al-Assad's government.

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