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Troopers guard Texas Capitol and a few protesters gather as legislative session starts

12.01.2021 17:00

Numerous law enforcement officers stood guard at Texas' Capitol building in Austin and about a dozen demonstrators gathered outside as the legislative session began Tuesday.

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Assessing President Trump's Legacy On U.S. Immigration Policy

12.01.2021 16:13

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with journalist Maria Hinojosa and Texas immigration attorney Efrén Olivares about the Trump administration's imprint on immigration policy.

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Donald Trump Says Everything He Said to Rioters Was 'Appropriate'

12.01.2021 14:24

President Trump says he is washing his hands of all responsibility for the Capitol Hill insurrections, saying what he told the crowd pre-riot was "totally appropriate." Trump was leaving D.C. Tuesday for Alamo, Texas to brag about the border wall,...

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As Trump visits Alamo, Texas, famed battle is used to 'commemorate whiteness,' historians say

12.01.2021 13:50

Although the battle has become a symbol of patriotism for many Americans, the history of Alamo is fraught with racist myths.

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Alamo Officials Blindsided By Trump Texas Trip

12.01.2021 13:30

Bobby Salinas, city manager for Alamo, Texas, told NBC News he learned about President Trump’s visit to his city in the newspaper.

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Lindsey Graham Travels With Trump To Texas A Week After Renouncing Him

12.01.2021 13:10

‘All I can say is a count me out. Enough is enough,’ Graham said in a speech announcing his vote to affirm Biden’s victory.

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Great Plains, East warm up as heavy snow slams Northwest

12.01.2021 9:08

After a chilly winter storm smacked Texas and other parts of the Gulf Coast, a newly-formed atmospheric event will dump snow, rain, and more on the Pacific Northwest this week.

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Trump Takes One Last Look At His Border Wall As Congress Considers Impeachment

12.01.2021 5:00

Under pressure to resign after supporters stormed the Capitol last week, President Trump heads to Texas. With only a week to go in office, it's a last-ditch attempt to burnish his legacy.

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Trump heads to Texas border in final days to showcase wall

12.01.2021 0:38

WASHINGTON (AP) — After days out of sight following the Capitol siege, President Donald Trump travels to Texas to trumpet one of the pillars of his presidency: his campaign against illegal immigration. Trump will be flying Tuesday to Alamo, Texas, a city in the Rio Grande Valley near the U.S-Mexican border. The city is named [...]

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​Civic Works: Iconic Dallas Landmarks Rethinking Design in Texas

11.01.2021 23:00

Dallas is home to a high concentration of structures by world-renowned architects. With some of the most iconic architecture per square mile of any American city, boasts designs by six Pritzker Prize Laureates, all within close distance to the up and coming Arts District. From Norman Foster’s Opera House to Thom Mayne’s Museum of Nature and Science, these projects are emblematic of a larger city-wide design culture.

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