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Hawaii volcano eruption MAP latest: New map shows LAVA FLOW closing in on Pohoiki

19.07.2018 21:07

LAVA flows from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano are threatening to swallow popular surf spot Pohoiki within a matter of days, Big Island officials have warned - see the latest lava flows mapped below.

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Hawaii’s volcano eruption hit tourism hard. Some say a lava-viewing site could help revive it

19.07.2018 19:33

Pressures are mounting from merchants, tour guides and others on the island, where tourism has dropped since Kilauea began erupting in a residential neighborhood and burning down homes in May.

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The moment flying lava struck a tour boat in Hawaii

19.07.2018 17:10

A lava "bomb" from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano hits a tour boat, injuring 23 people.

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Hawaii businesses seek lava viewing site to reignite tourism

19.07.2018 14:05

Stunning images of Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano have captivated people around the world.

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Indonesia volcano eruption: Mount Anak Krakatau ERUPTS - latest photos

19.07.2018 13:15

MOUNT ANAK Krakatua has rumbled back to life in recent weeks, spitting flames rocks and ash from its crater, and the Indonesian volcano has erupted once again, as these latest photos show with lava flowing down the flanks of the volcano.

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How volcano 'voiceprints' could help predict eruptions

19.07.2018 11:08

Volcanologists are using a new technique to hear a volcano's internal "music."

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Hawaii volcano eruption: Mesmerising video shows VOLCANO LIGHTNING raging over ocean

19.07.2018 3:11

ASHES from erupting Hawaii volcano Kilauea have been creating mesmerising lightning activity in the steaming clouds molten hot lava has continuously been spewing over the Pacific Ocean.

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Lava from Kilauea 'collapse explosion' destroys Hawaii structures

18.07.2018 19:11

A "collapse explosion" at the summit of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano on Wednesday sent a surge of lava that destroyed structures in an evacuated housing development, geologists and civil defense authorities said.

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Hawaii volcano tourists may soon see eruption from safe viewing area on land, official says

18.07.2018 12:43

The ongoing eruption of Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano and continued lava flows may soon be visible to gawking tourists on land after an explosion caused molten rock to barrel through the roof of a tour boat injuring 23, a local official said Tuesday.

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Hawaii has a new peninsula thanks to Kilauea Volcano

18.07.2018 10:56

Hawaii’s Kīlauea Volcano continues to belch ash and molten rock since it first erupted in May, and the constant lava flows have created a tiny peninsula off the northern edge of the U.S. state.

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